Funny Fallout 4 Glitches, Flying Beasts, Air-Swimming, Hardcore Planking

Glitches and bugs discovered in Fallout 4 so far include werewolf-like creatures suspended in the air, a gang of raiders teleporting into a small shed, and a character who talks to you whilst lying face-down on the floor.

This is the first batch of errors and problems reported in Fallout 4, and it’s unclear whether or not these issues will be fixed with the game’s 500MB day-one patch, or whether they will be addressed in future updates.

Developer Bethesda is renowned for crafting open-world games that offer near-unparalleled freedom for the player in terms of how they advance through the campaign. Traditionally the by-product of Bethesda allowing for countless possibilities is that its game builds tend to throw up the occasional unexplained bug. Such issues were prevalent in previous Bethesda titles, such as Fallout 3 and Skyrim.

On Monday, the coverage embargo for Fallout 4 lifted, and with it came a wave of videos demonstrating the game’s oddest and most amusing blunders. A list of some of these can be found below. (Those containing minor spoilers have been marked appropriately, while videos containing major spoilers have not been included.)

The Fallout 4 release date falls on Tuesday November 10 across the UK, Australia, and North America.

#Funny Fallout 4 Glitches, Flying Beasts, Air-Swimming, Hardcore Planking