Get Xbox One At Freaking 100$

Video game retailer GameStop has rolled out a new offer through which you can get a new Xbox One for just $100. The store will pay you $250 in credit toward the purchase of a new Xbox One when you trade in a qualifying PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. This deal is good through November 15; read on for more specifics.


To get the full $250, your PS4 or Xbox One will need to be in working condition and have all the cables. GameStop will still accept non-working consoles, but you won’t get the full credit. In addition, all trades are subject to manager approval and as always, you’ll want to call your local store first before heading out.

The Xbox One starts at $350, meaning you can get a new console for $100 if you use this promotion.

This offer runs alongside GameStop’s existing deal where you can get a free Xbox One controller with the purchase of any new Xbox One through November 8. Head to GameStop’s for more details.

#Get Xbox One At Freaking 100$