Fallout 4, Now You Can Buy Yourself Real Nuka-Cola Quantum

Alongside Fallout 4, November 10 will bring with it the opportunity to buy a real-world version of Nuka-Cola Quantum, the rare drink from the recent entries in the RPG series

Details are scant, but according to a tweet from the official Fallout account, the drink will be available exclusively at Target on November 10. The blue-colored drink is being produced by Jones Soda Co. It’s unclear how limited availability will be, or how long it will be sold for.


In Fallout 3, Quantum is a rare consumable item you can collect in specific locations. As the tweet alludes to, it can be used to raise your action points for a limited period of time. Collecting a certain number of these is the goal of a quest, the Nuka-Cola Challenge. The drink is also present in Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout 4 recently went gold ahead of its launch early next month. We recently learned about another Fallout-branded drink–beer–that will be sold in the UK.

# Fallout 4, Now You Can Buy Yourself Real Nuka-Cola Quantum