Fallout 4 will support pre-loading, the developer has confirmed

All versions of Bethesda’s upcoming post-apocalyptic role-playing game Fallout 4 will support pre-loading, the developer has confirmed. Marketing executive Pete Hines made the announcement on Twitter today.

The exact day and time that pre-loading begins has not been announced. However, Hines said this should begin “a few days” before the game’s November 10 release date.


Pre-loading has been a mainstay on PC for years now, though it’s a relatively new feature for consoles. The appeal is that by pre-loading a game, you can start playing the second it officially unlocks.


Everyone who preorders a digital copy of Fallout 4 for Xbox One gets Fallout 3 free, playable on the new console by way of backwards compatibility. PS4 preorders, meanwhile, come with a nice-looking theme. PC players who preorder the game on Steam get a free Mister Handy announcer pack for Dota 2.


Fallout 4 recently achieved gold status, meaning Bethesda had completed development on the base game. The studio is now working on the game’s expansions, the first of which will launch in 2016. In other recent news, Carlsberg has announced a new beer inspired by the Fallout series.

#Fallout 4 will support pre-loading, the developer has confirmed