NXOE Update Coming Soon To Preview Members

An Xbox Live message sent to Preview Program members on October 20 reads: “The New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) is on the horizon! In preparation, we’ll soon begin moving all Preview consoles over to the NXOE. If you do not wish to move, please opt out of Preview from the Registration tile in the Xbox Preview Dashboard app.”

The NXOE preview opened in September, at which time Microsoft invited select Preview Program members to try it out. Microsoft has regularly expanded the availability of the preview since then.


Included with the NXOE is a long list of changes and new features, perhaps the most notable of which is backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games. The update also completely overhauls the Home screen to make it “faster and easier.”

In addition, there is a new Community section to help make the console “more social.” It also comes with a “revamped OneGuide” that aims to be the one destination you need for TV, movies, and video apps. On top of that, the update introduces Xbox One button-mapping support for all controllers.

The NXOE is scheduled to be released publicly in November, though Microsoft has not yet announced an exact release date. For more,check out this overview video.

Are you part of the NXOE testing program?

#NXOE Update Coming Soon To Preview Members