Minecraft adding “new dramatic feature”

Sandbox superhit Minecraft will add a new mode of traversal soon–flying. Soaring above in-game worlds will be made possible through a magic cape, developer Jens Bergenstenannounced on Twitter. He called the cape a “new dramatic feature” that will change the way you play Minecraft.


The cape will come to Minecraft’s PC version through its next snapshot update, presumably landing for the console versions sometime later, though this was not confirmed.

Bergensten also confirmed that the Minecraft capes are not craftable; they can only be found in the game world. In addition, they fold when you land. As you can see in these animatedGIFs, when wearing the cape, you can fly like an eagle, dipping and diving at will.


In other Minecraft news, Microsoft–which now owns the franchise–recently confirmed that it will introduce Oculus Rift support for the sandbox game starting in 2016.

#Minecraft adding “new dramatic feature”