Microsoft Hololens Costs $3,000

While Microsoft has yet to announce any details about a consumer model of its AR/VR headset HoloLens, the company on Tuesday announced that a developer-focused version will launch in 2016. During a briefing today in New York City, Microsoft announced that it will be opening applications for a development kit starting today, with the headset available to successful applicants in Q1 2016 for $3,000.


Also during Microsoft’s briefing today, the company announced and showed off a new HoloLens mixed reality game called Project X-Ray. In the game, the player wears a HoloLens headset and walks around his living room, shooting evil robots with a holographic blaster. If Microsoft publishes a video of this demonstration, we will add it here.


The Microsoft event is ongoing; watch it here and check back later for more. The company also announced that Windows 10 has reached 110 million installs and that integration for Xbox One is coming this holiday.

#Microsoft Hololens Costs $3,000