Play doom on apple watch!

Earlier this year we saw Half-Life running on an Android Wear, and now a group of hackers have managed to bring the classic FPS Doom to Apple’s wearable computer. The effort occurred during a Hackathon event at one of Facebook’s offices, as developers Lior Tubi and Mehdi Mulani worked to get the game running on the beta version of WatchOS2. The end result isn’t exactly the slickest port, as you’ll see by watching the video after the jump, but it’s an impressive feat none the less.

While I question the ability to play anything of note on the Apple Watch without having your fingers in the way all the time, it’s an exciting look at some of the things developers are trying to do with wearable computing. It also means that it shouldn’t be long before Thomas Was Alone is on the damn thing, as it seems to be on everything else at this point.

#Play doom on apple watch!