Nintendo Storing Some Rare Amiibo Toys

Nintendo has announced plans to restock some rare Amiibo toys. Writing on Twitter, Nintendo of America said collectors can expect Little Mac, Captain Falcon, Greninja, Fox, and Shulk to make a return “soon.”

This announcement comes from the Nintendo of America Twitter page, meaning it pertains to retailers in North America. It is unclear if these same toys will be restocked in Europe and other regions.


Some of these Amiibo toys were retailer-exclusives during their initial runs. Shulk was sold through GameStop, while Greninjaand Lucario were offered only at Toys R Us. Nintendo did not say if this exclusivity will carry forward when stock is resupplied.

In the United States alone, Nintendo has sold more than 7 million Amiibo toys. Worldwide, that figure stands at more than 14.7 million by the end of June 2015.

The “toys-to-life” figures, which are compatible with a number of Wii U and 3DS games, launched in June 2014 and have become something of a phenomenon.

Via: Polygon

#Nintendo Storing Some Rare Amiibo Toys