Minecraft Story Mode new trailer

Telltale Games on Thursday released a new trailer for its upcoming episodic game based on Mojang’s Minecraft franchise and confirmed another actor whose voice will appear in the game.

The video (watch it above) sets up the story for Story Mode’s first of five chapters, The Order of the Stone. We won’t spoil it for you, but it looks like a grand adventure. In the game, you play as a male or female hero named Jesse and travel across the Overworld on a journey to “the End, and beyond.”

The game features the voices of actors like Patton Oswalt, Billy West, Ashley Johnson, Paul Reubens, and Corey Feldman. Announced today, however, is John Hodgman, who plays Soren the Architect. You probably know Hodgman as the man who portrayed the PC in Apple’s “Get a Mac” commercials. He’s also appeared as a correspondent on The Daily Show.

The Order of the Stone launches on digital channels on October 13 across PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The episode comes to iOS and Android devices on October 15, while versions of the game are also in development for Wii U and PlayStation Vita. Release dates for those versions, however, have not been announced.

A disc-based version will launch for all major consoles except Wii U on October 27, featuring the first episode. The remaining four will be available to download when they are released.

Finally, Telltale Games announced today that it will hold a world premiere launch event for Story Mode in Hollywood, California on October 12 at the ArcLight Cinerama Dome. The developer is hoping for this event to become the world’s largest “Let’s Play” gathering, as the crowd will get to direct the on-screen action. Tickets are free and you can get one by emailing minecraftpremiere@telltalegames.com.

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