Business Tycoon Review

Time for small games to make big impact


There are many games based on business and development and creating resources like Sims and game dev tycoon, there are many, but the real problem is this you actually make a city from scratch and you people enjoyed them so much, but after some months it sucks we just delete that game and found another game in the App Store/play store to pass our time.

But I found a quite interesting simulation game from zedzag a new small company with big plans ahead and this my review of their latest game business tycoon.

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You can start your game by growing your empire and by selling and buying businesses. But the good thing is, this is not like the old ugly Sims concept, it really drives the sense of a creative business game you can take over other business players (which is awesome) and you can even join ventures to make yourself rich.


Some of the main features are:

  • Buy or sell businesses to increase your earning power.
  • Visit other player’s cities.
  • Take over or sabotage other businesses.
  • Upgrade and Insure your businesses from takeovers or sabotage.
  • Make key decisions based on scenarios to increase your earnings.
  • Engage in joint ventures with them so that both players can benefit.

The scenarios in this game takes a great turn………..

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The game principle is pretty basic you start from growing your empire with the help of a guide (tutorial) this thing really takes seconds to step your game up the first thing you do in this game is to register your name and follow the instructions.

You buy the cheapest gas station from the menu which includes some really good business like, big business building,farms and even freaking helicopter, cool isn’t it. When I bought up the gas station the tutorial help me to sell that business by just clicking the buy button and my business sold off like 40,000 and that’s cool, I earned money by selling and developing that’s it that was the main concept and the gameplay is rich with some graphics here they’re.


We can pinch to zoom in and out to get a better preview of what’s happening in their city!

Overall the gameplay is great too, much tricky not the same boring Sims style or any other simulation game. And I want to tell you that this game is fast I mean you can be rich in a couple of minutes really.

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One of the main things about the game is the design element. Which is really good and provide some decent amount of details in this game like building moving cars and trees the detailing is seriously top notch.


So in the graphics portion we get the money and our stats which are really good and helpful to see quickly your money in the left hand upper corner.

And we have some decent design of buildings and vehicles like a yacht and helicopter. And the best thing in the design is the moving vehicle you can see the moving cars in different colors by zooming in it really seems to be detailed that’s a great work down there in the road.


Overall, the design is ok, not good and not bad but still, it’s a good work from the developers.

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Buying and selling is the main features in the game kinda the main concept and element on which the games depend on you go onto the house logo and on that you buy several businesses like farms, small business building, helicopter, yacht, gas station and much more you hit the buy button and you place on it where you want and boom you are done.


There is also a sabotage features.

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The multiplayer option is pretty basic and simple in this game you just hit the hand shake logo on right hand corner screen and you will be a redirect to nearest player who is playing the game you can share and earn money from them and the good part is that you can also play with your friends if you like.


And there is not much to talk about multiplayer and that’s all we have in multiplayer mode. This makes a great addition to the game

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There are many small elements and behavior of the game that makes it even more useful and enjoyable. One of the best features in the game is donating money or refer or earn money from your friends by just inviting your friends by email.

And point ventures helps you to get richer in-game by making joint ventures this is one of the key features in the game right now!


You can upgrade your business to earn more $$$ but you have to be careful while upgrading because you never know what business makes a profit

This is not a feature, but yes, this game makes you stick to it if you’re going good at this game this game really do a good job at this point

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Business Tycoon has a great potential to stand against big games like SimCity but it needs improvement in graphics, smoothness, and design. And it is only available for android it should be in the app store.

While the game performance good and some of the features are really great like referring and multiplayer, sabotage and many more!


If the developer keeps pushing out the updates I am betting it will be in the list of top charts soon.


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