FIFA 16 what’s critics are saying

FIFA 16 proved that EA is the king of sports game and in 2015 EA hits fifa16 which get immensely popular and generated a great hype.

so these are some of the gaming critics review.well don’t worry review is also coming soon so stay tuned for that


Game: FIFA 16
Developer: EA Canada
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC
Release Date: September 22 (NA), September 24 (EU)
Price: $60/£49.99

GameSpot — 9/10

FIFA needed a year like this. Without serious competition from Konami’s PES in the past few years (until now), and with Ultimate Team keeping players playing and paying all year round, there’s been no pressing motivation to ring the changes. Annual titles will always evolve gradually, but recent progress has felt glacial. FIFA 16 can be stubborn and stifling, but it feels gloriously new, and having to learn fresh strategies and nuances in a game series like this is an almost-forgotten pleasure.

GameInformer — 8.75

I had a lot of fun playing with the women’s national teams, but it’s limited to a one-off tourney. Regardless, developer EA Canada’s creation of new player models pays off in how the players feel and move on the pitch, which helps it feel unique. FIFA 16 isn’t going to blow you away with any single feature. Instead, it falls back on its strong gameplay to provide a fresh experience.

IGN — 7.8/10

The complete package is as substantial as ever, and those who’ve acclimatised to FIFA’s play style in recent years will likely consider it good enough. But in the face of much stronger competition, ‘good enough’ might not actually be good enough. With its biggest rival matching its dynamism and beating it for fluidity and responsiveness, EA Sports has work to do if FIFA is to regain its title as king of the digital sport.

Digital Spy — 4/5

FIFA 16 is undoubtedly an impressive beast of a game that’s stuffed with official leagues and licenses, game modes and other little touches that add flavour to the match day experience. EA’s noble quest for authenticity certainly has its benefits, but there are times when the slower pace and more deliberate build-up play takes the shine off what is, after all, a video game representation of the beautiful game. It makes those wonder strikes and team goals all the more magical when you pull them off, but you’re going to have to work a little harder to make these moments happen.

Polygon — 9/10

I rarely cheer my players in any other sports title because it’s like laughing at your own joke. Yet here I am, falling into a 2-2 tie with Germany in the semifinal of the “Women’s International Cup” tournament, dreading extra time or, worse, penalty kicks. And in the 90th minute, Ali Krieger swoops in on her own, takes the pass and lofts a pinpoint cross to Alex Morgan, whose divebomb header delivers our salvation. This sequence is the story of FIFA 16, from its participants, to the tools used to deliver the goal, to the cathartic payoff that sent me leaping from my seat. Sports video gaming is at its best when you’re fighting your ass off and the miracle comes through. And when it does, no game rolls out the TNT like FIFA 16.

The Guardian — 5/5

What isn’t in doubt is that EA’s game offers the superior package. Ultimate Team, career mode, online seasons, female players, dozens of leagues and hundreds of teams all with weekly line-up updates, bespoke overlays for Premier League and Bundesliga matches … the feature list goes on. While on-pitch matters between these two old foes are too close to call, Fifa’s breathtaking scope secures yet another silver pot for an already heaving trophy cabinet.

Ars Technica — No Score

FIFA 16 will dominate the sports game charts as it has done so successfully for so long—the brand alone will ensure of that. This is a great game for delivering a quick fix of football action wrapped up in the sharpest of visuals and the flashiest of presentations. But releasing a game as safe and as conservative as FIFA 16 while rivalPES continues to push the boundaries and diversity of play means that, for the first time in a long time, FIFA isn’t the best football game out there.

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