Final Fantasy 15 Story Revealed

The Report centered around a pair of characters — Noctis’ father King Regis, and the mysterious Luna. We learned that in order to protect the kingdom of Lucis, King Regis had to erect a magical, protective barrier around the entire nation. But in doing so, the strain of the magic ate away at his body. This weakened state leaves himself, Noctis, and his kingdom vulnerable to the Nifelheim empire, which is pressing forward onto Lucis

The footage Square showed at Gamescom was a short, emotional look at the bond between King Regis and Noctis. We also learned that the Regalia, the car Noctis and company drive around throughout Episode Duscae and XV proper, was previously owned by his father Regis.


On Luna’s front, she’s in a place called Tenebrae, assuming her status as Oracle. She’s highly revered due to her ability to commune with the gods, as well as the fact that she’s the youngest Oracle ever. Square teased some of Luna’s past, saying that her and Noctis made a promise when they were children, but they weren’t ready to delve into what it was, wanting to keep away from spoilers. Finally, in a piece of Luna art, there’s a black-haired woman standing behind her named Gentiana, who plays an important role in the game.


The Report then switched gears, showcasing footage of Noctis and company riding Chocobos, as well as fishing in one of FFXV’s minigames. The fish you catch can be used for dinner when your crew camps for the night.



#Final Fantasy 15 Story Revealed