Metal gear solid 5,final fantasy XV figures at Tokyo game show

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, we got a closer look at some of the upcoming and newly announced additions to Square Enix’s popular Kai Arts line of figurines. While statues include franchise staples you’d expect, Square also teams up with other properties to create the highly detailed sets.

In the images below, you can see some work-in-progress models for figures from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kingdom Hearts III, and Final Fantasy XII.

Other recent additions to the Kai Arts line include the standard and re-imagined characters below.

  • Batman
  • The Arkham Knight
  • Nomura’s Batman
  • Nomura’s Catwoman
  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Thor
  • Star Wars characters
  • Metal Gear Solid 5’s Quiet

#Metal gear solid 5,final fantasy XV figures at Tokyo game show