GTA 5 Online discounts and more

There are a whole range of discounts and bonuses on offer in GTA Online this Labor Day weekend.

From today, September 4 until September 7, players will get a 2x RP and GTA$ bonus across various jobs and modes, and a 25 percent discount across some in-game stores.

GTA Online

Today, you can get the bonus on Air Races and Parachuting Jobs, as well as a discount on all aircraft from Elitas Travel. On Saturday you’ll get the bonus in Land Races, and a discount from the Legendary Motorsport high performance vehicle store.

On Sunday the bonus is for Sea Races, and you can get boats cheaper from Docktease. Finally, on Monday, Deathmatches will get the double bonus and you’ll get 25 percent off at Warstock Cache & Carry.


If you’re playing GTA Online on PS4 or Xbox One and want to try out the Rockstar Editor, you won’t have to wait much longer.


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