Rock Band dance central developer will crowdfund their next game

What’s next for Harmonix after Rock Band 4 ships in October? While official details are being kept under wraps for now, Harmonix announced on Thursday that it will launch a campaign for an “unannounced title” through the new crowdfunding platform, Fig. The campaign is slated to go up sometime this fall.

This isn’t the first time Harmonix has tried crowdfunding, as the Boston-based studio raised funds for the new Amplitude on Kickstarter. But Fig is different. Once a regulatory development goes through, it plans to offer actual investment opportunities, in addition to the standard, Kickstarter-style rewards.


In addition, Harmonix chief creative officer Alex Rigopulos will join Fig’s advisory board. Industry figures already on the board including Double Fine CEO Tim Schafer, inXile boss Brian Fargo, Obsidian Entertainment Feargus Urquhart, and Fig CEO Justin Bailey, who formerly worked at Double Fine as COO.

The first game on Fig (unlike Kickstarter, only one game is highlighted at a time) is Outer Wilds, from the indie studio Mobius Digital. The game is looking to raise $125,000; at press time, funding stands at just under $102,000 with about two weeks to go before the campaign ends


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