Lara Croft Go Gameplay +Review

we know Lara croft well we all know that! and Lara croft go has been released in iOS,android as mobile puzzle game here it is my gameplay review

Lara croft go is typically a spinoff of hitman go which was a mass massive hit in mobile gaming industry the gameplay is very similar to hitman go but with different power ups and some graphic improvement .Lara croft go is awesome mobile puzzle game no doubt but at some points you will get bored like i got at the snake level but again for puzzle lovers it a very good game




Lara Craft GO is another story. Taking the same basic formula and applying it to the Tomb Raider franchise, the Canadian studio has perfect what it set out to do with Hitman GO. The art is more expressive, the puzzles are more satisfying and I ended up feeling more like I’d beaten a Tomb Raider game than a mobile spinoff by the time I was finished.


As with Agent 47 in Hitman GO, you control Lara by swiping up, down, left or right in order to move to an open space. The world stands still when you’re not moving, but as soon as you swipe, everything else in the environment reacts.



Your job is to get Lara safely from the start of the level to the end while solving increasingly difficult puzzles along the way. In the early goings, the traps are relatively easy to navigate around. If you see a crack in a tile, make sure not to walk over it twice or you’ll plummet to your doom.


The game does a great job of teaching players by showing instead of telling as well, and the penalty for death is simply starting over that section of the level. It’s never punishing enough to make you stomp away in frustration, but there will be instances where you’ll want to take a break and come back with fresh eyes.

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