all we know about nintendo NX

Nintendo has announced a console that is codenamed “NX.” Although there isn’t a lot of things known about the Nintendo NX, and rumors are spreading about the NX, let’s go through all of the confirmed and unconfirmed information that we know about the mysterious console that is the NX.



First, rumors have spread about the NX’s specifications. These rumors state that the NX will be weaker than the Xbox One and the PS4. If, sadly, this rumor is true, this could mean not a lot of 3rd party support for the NX since it’ll be more difficult for developers to create games due to the inferior hardware. Pretty déjà vu-ish if you ask me!


Also, people are speculating that the NX will be a mobile device you can bring anywhere, and then you can hook it up to your TV as a console, and have a dock to place the NX in. Plus, this dock is rumored to give more powerful hardware to the NX, giving it more technical capabilities. This would probably boost the sales of the NX, as Nintendo has been booming in the mobile market.


Lastly, some people think that the reason why Nintendo delayed Zelda Wii U is because they also want to release it for the NX simultaneously. If this turns out to be right. Don’t expect another Zelda game until late 2016 at the very earliest.

What we know:

First, we know that Nintendo will be releasing more information about the NX in 2016. It is most likely they will show off the NX in a Nintendo Direct next year.


And finally, the NX will be a “Dedicated game platform with a brand new concept” as said by Satoru Iwata. This means that the NX’s first priority will be gaming, unlike the Xbox One when the priority for that console to begin with was TV, TV, and TV.

Jokes aside, let’s hope that the NX will be a great console, and this “great new concept” won’t be a silly gimmick, like the Wii U’s game pad. Nintendo hasn’t been so hot lately with the Wii U due to not a lot of 3rd party software available, and little advertising done for the console. They just surpassed 10 million Wii U units sold. Although it sounds a lot, the PS4 has sold over 20 million, and the Wii U had a full year head start! I hope that the NX will be a great platform for 3rd party developers, and that the NX will be advertised very well. Good luck, Nintendo!