Some of these “icons” include Magnus Walker, Ken Block, and the drift crew Risky Devil, among others. Watch the trailer below, and look further down for a compete breakdown of the “icons.”

Developer Ghost Games executive producer Marcus Nilsson said in a statement that the studio is “honored” to be working with the icons. Their inclusion helps create a better overall story, he said, which is something Ghost Games has said it really wants to do.

“We wanted to create a powerful story that’s emotional but also pushes the boundaries of technology by adding real-time compositing to the power of Frostbite,” he said. “This allows us, for the first time ever, to blend live-action film seamlessly with your in-game car and garage.”

The new Need for Speed launches on November 3.



A’s Gamescom briefing, the publisher released the first gameplay trailer for PCMMO Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s upcoming expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Take a look at the video below, and read on for more details about the expansion, which is the biggest add-on ever for the MMO.

The episodic-based Knights of the Fallen Empire launches on October 27. It will be free for all subscribers.

The expansion “represents the epic return to BioWare-style storytelling,” creative director James Ohlen said during the briefing. For lots more on Knights of the Fallen Empire, check out the video below to see five reasons it might be time to return to The Old Republic.

The Old Republic launched in 2011 after its development reportedly cost $200 million. The game failed to attract a wide enough userbase to sustain its subscription-based model andswitched to free-to-play just 11 months after release. However, the game appears to remain a major contributor for EA, as a recent report found that the game generated $165 million in 2013 alone.



aith runs by glowing yellow collectibles in the demo, but it’s not clear what they unlock or how they’ll tie into the main game.

In the demo, Faith meets a mysterious, Sam Fisher-like character dressed in black. Although he seems to be trying to break into the same facility it isn’t immediately clear whether the person is a friend or foe.

The demo ends with glass shattering, gun-free combat as Faith attempts to make her escape. Free-flowing combat and parkour traversal combine in an almost poetic combination of exciting-looking gameplay.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is set to launch on Februray 25, 2016, and you can watch the entire EA press conference right here.



The Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack will release this November, EA Maxis announced at Gamescom 2015 today.

The expansion includes a new European world, with traditional architecture and serene landscapes alike. The new gameplay trailer showed multifarious groups of young people vacationing, dancing, and spending time together, as the title might suggest.

Past Sims 4 expansions have run the gamut of banal real-world activities, from opening and managing a retail store, to finding a new home, to holding a job.



Today during its Gamescom press conference, EA announced a few new game modes for its upcoming shooter, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, and also that the game is getting a mash-up with Mass Effect called Grass Effect.

EA is bringing the Mass Effect franchise into the Garden Warfare universe with a new character, a mech with an N7 assault rifle and Mass Effect armor. It’s called Grass Effect, and it’s available to players who preorder the game.

The publisher also unveiled a new mode called Backyard Battleground. This mode is a hub world for the game that allows you to connect with friends and see your achievements and collectibles. In addition, it makes it easier to jump into games together.

Garden Warfare 2 will also have solo and couch co-op modes. EA stated during its conference that one of the most-requested features for a new Garden Warfare game was a way to play alone, so Garden Warfare 2 will have a solo mode.

EA also revealed three new plant classes. Rose is a magical plant that can cast spells that turn zombies into animals. Colonel Corn can call in airstrikes, and there’s an orange class that can roll around and strike enemies.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 launches sometime in 2016 for PCPlayStation 4, andXbox One. Check back on GameSpot all this week for more news coming from the Gamescom conference.



An aerial battle ensued around an Imperial Star Destroyer during the newest Star Wars Battlefront trailer at Gamescom 2015 today.

EA showed the new 20-player Fighter Squadron mode during the publisher’s press conference. The battle took place over Sullust, a craggy, magma-covered planet. An Imperial Shuttle took off from the surface, and Rebel fighters were called in to stop it in its path. First X-Wings, then TIE Fighters, A-Wings, and TIE Interceptors–many of the iconic starfighters were shown, both from cockpit and third-person views.

Finally, the Millennium Falcon, with Han Solo voicing his famous “Never tell me the odds line” as he joined the fight.



At EA’s Gamescom press conference today, the publisher showed off a new trailer for FIFA 16and discussed the game’s new Ultimate Team draft and its Career Mode.

The video demonstrated how you’ll put together your Ultimate Team in the upcoming FIFA game. It’s a new process in which you’ll go step-by-step in creating your Ultimate Team. You’ll select one out of a group of five formations, captains, and players for each position.

In addition, in the Career Mode, there’s a new training system to help upgrade your young players. Additionally, there are improvements to the management features in the game. Team defenses have also been tweaked to be smarter and more agile. EA is improving smart passes and adding new celebrations, as well.


There are new, iconic stadiums, and 900 new crowd chants have been added to the game.

FIFA 16 comes out on September 22 for Xbox OneXbox 360PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3. You can read our impressions of the game here. For more news from Gamescom, keep an eye on GameSpot all this week.